We take care of each other.

Welcome to FuseLodge

We are the world’s first crash pad built from the ground up. This lodging facility is specially designed for aviation professionals — with the convenience, comfort and safety your lifestyle demands. FuseLodge has a country club ambience where members feel completely at home.


“Fuselodge is super nice, call it a luxury crash pad. Four or five stars, or however many I am allowed to give it.” 
– Curtis Popko

“The nicest crash pad I have seen during my nine-year flying career. It’s like an upscale hotel. This place is awesome.” 
– Adam Boardley

“It’s priced right for the people who need it.” 
– Rob Olinger

I used the crashpad for three and a half years. Was never late for work. Large bathrooms and quiet hours are strictly enforced. 
– Jodi Turner


New hires receive $125 per month. Click to find out more information and eligibility.

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